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Operational supply chain optimization: Recommendations for medium-sized companies

Was passiert, wenn Lieferketten stocken oder unterbrochen werden, wissen spätestens seit der Corona-Pandemie viele Unternehmen. Resilienz lautet nun das Gebot der Stunde. Doch ein neues Lieferkettendesign ist aufwändig und teuer, viele Mittelständler scheuen den großen Wurf. Wie sich die Lieferkette auch mit wenigen operativen Maßnahmen robuster und zukunftsfähig gestalten lässt, schildern enomyc-Director Dr. Tim Bauer und Partner Christian Zeller in ihrem Beitrag.


Why we rely on reverse mentoring

Reverse Mentorin ist im Trend. “Die CTOs lernen vom Nachwuchs”, titelte Microsoft erst kürzlich. Und viele Unternehmen ziehen nach. Wir haben uns in den eigenen Reihen umgehört: Was sind die Gründe, die für Reverse Mentoring sprechen? Wie profitieren Mentees, Mentor:innen und Unternehmen gleichermaßen? Und was geht Unternehmen durch die Lappen, die darauf verzichten? Ein Interview mit Julia Hammer, COO und Partnerin bei enomyc.


COVID-19 Pandemic: Good Times or Bad Times for Applicants?

For our first podcast of the new year, we had an extremely inspiring conversation with Thomas Fuchs. He is the founder, head, and soul of QX-Quarterly Crossing, a globally unique excellence network for experienced and future leaders. Since its establishment in 1995, he has designed international recruiting formats and talent development programs for global players in a wide range of industries and has accompanied careers all the way to top management. It brings together thought leaders, role models and top talents, thereby creating the conditions for optimal personal and professional realization.


Mentoring: These are the Benefits for Companies and Employees

Challenge, encourage, and feedback - these are the three components of our mentoring program. Dr. Axel Hermeier, Head of HR at enomyc was a mentee himself, and thinks: "Mentoring programs are a necessity". Why especially in the consulting business? How do companies and employees in general benefit from mentoring? What is the concrete situation at enomyc, and what recommendations does Dr. Hermeier have for companies wishing to introduce mentoring programs? Learn more in our interview.


Internship at enomyc: “Put all your cards on the table.”

From the school desk directly to university or vocational training – in their search for a professional career, many students initially decide to take on an internship. What can be expected to be gained from this? And have your expectations in the field of business consultancy been fulfilled? We recently sat down for an interview with one of our interns, Levin Schily, who was at our company for three months. What tasks did we entrust him with? What were his highlights, what new insights was he able to gain, and how has the internship at enomyc influenced his future professional career? Find out more!

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