Corporate Finance

It's about more than the yield

Integrated financial planning is indispensable for companies, says Jendrik Voss. It brings together all of a company's planning components and thus links the income statement, the balance sheet and the cash flow statement.

Strategie und Corporate Performance

Outdated: The Star Salesman as a Guarantor of Success

What do top performers in marketing and sales do differently than other companies? How do they succeed in generating more sales and margins even under pandemic conditions? The first part of our series of topics focused on the paradigm shift in the procurement behavior of purchasing organizations. Based on discussions with managers from purchasing and sales departments as well as our project work, four central success patterns could be identified across all industries.

Strategie und Corporate Performance

Coronavirus: The economic impact from a consultant's perspective

The coronavirus is currently the number one topic - and it is clearly in the spotlight here as well:Will the billions in financial aid and the tax policy measures of the German government be sufficient to cushion the effects of the pandemic? What specific questions are companies and financial institutions facing, and which instruments should companies now make greater use of to secure their liquidity?

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