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Why France of and What is in It for You

Philippe Piscol, Managing Partner at enomyc, has successfully been driving the field of distressed M&A for 8 years with great energy. What has he come to expect: Will the number of insolvencies continue to rise? Will the complexity of cases increase? Is it worth investing now? The interview also deals with the main topics involved in distressed M&A: How do you achieve a smooth sales process? What is important in the network and last but not least, what is it that attracts him personally to distressed M&A?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Obsolescence Management: When the Old Machine Has to Continue Running


Strategy and Corporate Performance

Use sales power to put the crisis behind you

The mighty Association of German Industry (BDI) recently said the country’s "export-oriented economy must prepare itself for difficult times” in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. In view of such gloomy forecasts, it’s always heartening to hear about companies that are flourishing in the crisis and making use of unexpected opportunities – serving customers that had been out of touch for a long time in considerable volumes.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Service: How Organizational Anchoring Works

While the demand for garden furniture is rising, Lufthansa is waving the “homecoming guarantee” flag, clearly demonstrating that homogeneous customer needs can be identified and translated into intelligent and profitable services, especially in times of crisis. Which service has inspired you most recently and why? How can the service business be organizationally anchored in the company, and what requirements result from this for service sales?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Supply Chain Realignment - a ten-point action plan

The coronavirus crisis has not created a supply chain problem – it has created thousands of different types. The various supply-chain systems, the different sectoral structures, the peculiarities of each company mean there are many different weaknesses. Our ten-point plan shows companies how they can deal with their very specific supply-chain problems.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Supply chain realignment – different solutions for different problems

The fate of our global supply chains has even occupied the tabloid press in recent weeks. As the coronavirus spread, it worried about empty supermarkets shelves, idle car factories, an entire economy on the verge of ruin. When an issue makes the leap from consultants’ presentations to, say, Germany’s Bild newspaper, the situation must be dramatic.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Service-Based Business Models in Times of Crisis

Germany will certainly enter into a recession as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Economic experts agree: Germany is in a state of crisis. What makes service-based business models particularly successful in times of crisis? Why is digitization an important driver for new service products, and how can services be developed in a customer- and value-oriented way?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Out of Fashion: How Can the Fashion Industry Use the Structural Change?

What will stationary retail look like in the future? Which hurdles will the fashion industry have to overcome, and how should medium-sized companies take advantage of the industry consolidation now? It’s time for the fashion industry to take a close look in the mirror, say Dr. Christian Gerloff of Gerloff Liebler Rechtsanwälte and Dr. Michael Meister, director at enomyc. Learn more in our expert interview.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Leadership in the Crisis

It seems as if proven process flows must now be catapulted directly into the future! The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many companies to rethink established work processes and realign their organizational structures. How do entrepreneurs gain clarity now? How do they manage their company correctly? What does it take to redesign departments and processes intelligently, and what new opportunities can companies now also offer themselves?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

The Corona Crisis from the Perspective of an Insolvency Expert

The corona crisis is changing the entire economic environment in which we live. Every day a new well-known name is in the press, which has filed for bankruptcy. At the same time, many healthy companies have to run up extremely high debts due to the crisis in order to survive at all. Will there also be international group insolvencies of large listed companies? Is the true wave of insolvencies still to come – in the years 2021/22?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

How to Receive Privileged Financial Resources?

Will COVID-19 aid only be available to companies that were healthy and profitable before the crisis? Uwe Köstens, managing partner at enomyc, sees the danger that only those companies that are healthy, according to the KfW’s terms of allocation and EU regulations, will be able to benefit from privileged financial programs. How does he see the current situation? How does he see the future, and what has the current situation prompted him to do? A commentary. 

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Corona virus: “The Need for Liquidity Is Enormous”

Are the politics of cheap money taking their revenge now? Do only the systemically important corporations fit under the corona umbrella? Will the preventive restructuring framework now be implemented more quickly? And what can German SMEs expect? enomyc CEO, Martin Hammer, conducted an interview with Dr. Lars Westpfahl, restructuring expert at the law firm Freshfields, about the economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more!

Strategy and Corporate Performance

8 Recommendations for Taking Action During the Current Situation

The number one question that most companies in the current Corona crisis are concerned about is: How do I lead my company safely through the crisis? To enable you to act quickly and reliably in the current situation, we have summarized the 8 most important recommendations and measures to secure your business in a compact file.

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