Restructuring and Reorganization

What’s keeping you going, Mr. Rabelt?

An interview with the Managing Director of Commerzbank AG

This year will make it clear just how well banks are able to cope with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to some estimates, their most severe stress test since the global banking and financial crisis of 2007 still looms ahead of them. Against this background, we interviewed Holger Rabelt, Managing Director of Commerzbank AG. What does his new position as Divisional Manager for Corporate Reorganization and Restructuring entail? What has been a particularly decisive experience in his career so far? What developments does he expect for the economy and the banking sector and what measures does he recommend for companies and banks in the current situation? Read on to find out more.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Higher Margin Despite Pandemic?

No foundries would bring everything to a stop: no cars on the roads, no spinning wind turbines or airplanes in the sky. Heating, plumbing, beer tapping would be out of the question and no windows or doors could open without handles. Recycling and upcycling ‒ they too are unthinkable without casting. The foundry industry, however, is also suffering significantly from the effects of the global pandemic. What are the biggest hurdles of the present for the industry and how can companies overcome them?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Mentoring: These are the Benefits for Companies and Employees

Challenge, encourage, and feedback - these are the three components of our mentoring program. Dr. Axel Hermeier, Head of HR at enomyc was a mentee himself, and thinks: "Mentoring programs are a necessity". Why especially in the consulting business? How do companies and employees in general benefit from mentoring? What is the concrete situation at enomyc, and what recommendations does Dr. Hermeier have for companies wishing to introduce mentoring programs? Learn more in our interview.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Protection from the bankruptcy of others: Is that even possible? And if so, how?

The current crisis not only has a major impact on the liquidity of companies: It also affects their payment morale. The focus is on existing contracts - as well as on future business relationships. What options do entrepreneurs have in the event of their business partners going bankrupt? Which contractual clauses are important for existing and future business relationships? We asked Reiner Winkelbauer, business mathematician, experienced managing director and CFO in the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Time To Sweat Harder: Urban Heroes founder Jo Braun continues to focus on growth

Corona hits the fitness industry hard, but in the midst of the crisis something new is emerging: Jo Braun trusts in her Hero Mindset and continues to focus on growth despite Corona. She is Urban Heroes founder, thoroughbred entrepreneur and an absolute power woman - in the enomyc Podcast, she talks to us about her founding phase, how she successfully brought the concept of HIIT training to Germany, and how she was one of the first to establish the term "Boutique Fitness" in Germany.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Obsolescence Management: When the Old Machine Has to Continue Running


Strategy and Corporate Performance

Use sales power to put the crisis behind you

The mighty Association of German Industry (BDI) recently said the country’s "export-oriented economy must prepare itself for difficult times” in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. In view of such gloomy forecasts, it’s always heartening to hear about companies that are flourishing in the crisis and making use of unexpected opportunities – serving customers that had been out of touch for a long time in considerable volumes.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Service: How Organizational Anchoring Works

While the demand for garden furniture is rising, Lufthansa is waving the “homecoming guarantee” flag, clearly demonstrating that homogeneous customer needs can be identified and translated into intelligent and profitable services, especially in times of crisis. Which service has inspired you most recently and why? How can the service business be organizationally anchored in the company, and what requirements result from this for service sales?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Supply Chain Realignment - a ten-point action plan

The coronavirus crisis has not created a supply chain problem – it has created thousands of different types. The various supply-chain systems, the different sectoral structures, the peculiarities of each company mean there are many different weaknesses. Our ten-point plan shows companies how they can deal with their very specific supply-chain problems.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Supply chain realignment – different solutions for different problems

The fate of our global supply chains has even occupied the tabloid press in recent weeks. As the coronavirus spread, it worried about empty supermarkets shelves, idle car factories, an entire economy on the verge of ruin. When an issue makes the leap from consultants’ presentations to, say, Germany’s Bild newspaper, the situation must be dramatic.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Service-Based Business Models in Times of Crisis

Germany will certainly enter into a recession as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Economic experts agree: Germany is in a state of crisis. What makes service-based business models particularly successful in times of crisis? Why is digitization an important driver for new service products, and how can services be developed in a customer- and value-oriented way?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Out of Fashion: How Can the Fashion Industry Use the Structural Change?

What will stationary retail look like in the future? Which hurdles will the fashion industry have to overcome, and how should medium-sized companies take advantage of the industry consolidation now? It’s time for the fashion industry to take a close look in the mirror, say Dr. Christian Gerloff of Gerloff Liebler Rechtsanwälte and Dr. Michael Meister, director at enomyc. Learn more in our expert interview.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Leadership in the Crisis

It seems as if proven process flows must now be catapulted directly into the future! The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many companies to rethink established work processes and realign their organizational structures. How do entrepreneurs gain clarity now? How do they manage their company correctly? What does it take to redesign departments and processes intelligently, and what new opportunities can companies now also offer themselves?

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