Corporate Finance

It's about more than the yield

Integrated financial planning is indispensable for companies, says Jendrik Voss. It brings together all of a company's planning components and thus links the income statement, the balance sheet and the cash flow statement.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Insolvency as a way out of the crisis

When an insolvency administrator comes to the company, it is usually already ablaze. The employees have already noticed weeks or months ago that something is going wrong and fear for their future. But no company gets into insolvency without a reason. Often, performance-related problems have not been eliminated for years.For the insolvency administrator, the task now is to mobilize forces and motivate employees. In order to keep customers satisfied, the quality and delivery reliability must be at least as high as outside the insolvency proceedings. No manufacturer will permanently commission an insolvent company out of pity. This is particularly difficult in production. Here, in particular, experienced interim managers are needed to avoid a high level of sick leave or to prevent acts of sabotage in production.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

The New Demand: Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Today

Distance Leadership and the skills that can now make it easier for managers and remote teams: We recently talked about this with our HR Director Dr. Axel Hermeier. But what are the skills that hiring managers are paying more attention to than ever before? After all, the changes in the world of business and work have opened new job profiles and changed old ones. The focus on the fitting talents seems to have sharpened.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

We do not want to drive a company into insolvency

As one of the world's leading credit insurers, how does Coface assess the impact of the Corona pandemic? Should we be prepared for a major wave of bankruptcies? Was now the right time for the supply chain bailout to expire? What is in store for companies now? We asked Jochen Böhm, Risk Underwriting Director and Member of the Management Board for the Northern Europe region at Coface.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Green Deal, Supply Chain Act & Co. - a turning point for SMEs

Today's expectations of companies are unprecedented in their social and political dimensions, says our director Wolfram W. Hackbarth. Decision-makers in companies need to act quickly, but with deliberation and a clear concept.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

No small buns: Four success factors for the professional reorganization of bakeries

Baking is en vogue: since the lockdowns, when mainly flour and yeast were sold out in supermarkets, another habit has been established: People are buying more from their friendly baker next door, whereas the bakery-restaurant sector has declined. The "culprit" is the home office and resulting less crowded city centers, train stations and airports. The figures speak a clear language. And the signs? The signs are still clearly pointing to change. What opportunities should bakeries seize now, and how do they succeed in reorganizing operations professionally? Dr. Tim Bauer, Managing Consultant at enomyc, reports on four proven success factors.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Distance leadership: the skills it needs are now a must for leaders

The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for the implementation of digital processes in companies. Apart from enormous IT purchases and the new learning of digital applications, New Work is becoming more and more pervasive: a structural change in the working world as we knew it before. Remote work and home office: What was otherwise an exception is increasingly becoming mainstream.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

We have had an exhilarating first few months

enomyc last year founded its first foreign subsidiary, enomyc SAS in France. Paris-based Partners Alain Parent and Guillaume Bastien talk about bringing their experience of the corporate world into top consulting, advising an exciting range of international clients, triggering stage three of their start-up’s fast rise into orbit – and wine and beer.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

The expanded role of trade credit insurers

Burkhard Wittgen is a credit insurance specialist and member of the Executive Board at Aon Credit Solutions. In this interview, he talks about the dissolution of the protective shield on June 30, 2021, and the consequences for companies. What should companies do now? Which consulting services are currently more in demand than ever? What does the "average in the Suez Canal" case stand for and why should trade credit insurers urgently create a digital connection to their clients? Learn more!

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Out of the Crisis with an Improved Cost Position

When a recession of almost historic proportions hit many industries following the financial crisis over 12 years ago, most companies were utterly unprepared. The same happened again to many companies last year. While the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis was marked by pure economic survival instinct, companies are now faced with the challenge of finding the right strategic position to emerge from the crisis. What is important in that context?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Higher Margin Despite Pandemic?

No foundries would bring everything to a stop: no cars on the roads, no spinning wind turbines or airplanes in the sky. Heating, plumbing, beer tapping would be out of the question and no windows or doors could open without handles. Recycling and upcycling ‒ they too are unthinkable without casting. The foundry industry, however, is also suffering significantly from the effects of the global pandemic. What are the biggest hurdles of the present for the industry and how can companies overcome them?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Mentoring: These are the Benefits for Companies and Employees

Challenge, encourage, and feedback - these are the three components of our mentoring program. Dr. Axel Hermeier, Head of HR at enomyc was a mentee himself, and thinks: "Mentoring programs are a necessity". Why especially in the consulting business? How do companies and employees in general benefit from mentoring? What is the concrete situation at enomyc, and what recommendations does Dr. Hermeier have for companies wishing to introduce mentoring programs? Learn more in our interview.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Protection from the bankruptcy of others: Is that even possible? And if so, how?

The current crisis not only has a major impact on the liquidity of companies: It also affects their payment morale. The focus is on existing contracts - as well as on future business relationships. What options do entrepreneurs have in the event of their business partners going bankrupt? Which contractual clauses are important for existing and future business relationships? We asked Reiner Winkelbauer, business mathematician, experienced managing director and CFO in the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries.

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