The Editor's Pick: Eight reading tips for your summer reading

Our eight interview highlights from three years of the enomyc blog

Zum dreijährigen Jubiläum haben wir Ihnen in Form unseres Editor's Pick eine Auswahl für Ihre Sommerlektüre zusammengestellt: Lese-Highlights, die besonders großen Anklang gefunden haben. Warum ausgerechnet diese Auswahl? Weil das beeindruckend tiefe Wissen, das Branchenverständnis, die treffsicheren Einschätzungen und wertvollen Handlungsempfehlungen unserer Expert:innen heute aktueller sind denn je!

Strategy and Corporate Performance

The New Demand: Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Today

Distance Leadership and the skills that can now make it easier for managers and remote teams: We recently talked about this with our Head of Human Resources Dr. Axel Hermeier. But what are the skills that hiring managers are paying more attention to than ever before? After all, the changes in the world of business and work have opened new job profiles and changed old ones. The focus on the fitting talents seems to have sharpened.What is increasingly important to companies in the search for talent and in the hiring process? And - vice versa: What new demands are increasingly being made of jobseekers? A look at the new challenges in talent acquisition and recruiting with Dr. Axel Hermeier.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

No small buns: Four success factors for the professional reorganization of bakeries

Baking is en vogue: since the lockdowns, when mainly flour and yeast were sold out in supermarkets, another habit has been established: People are buying more from their friendly baker next door, whereas the bakery-restaurant sector has declined.The "culprit" is the home office and resulting less crowded city centers, train stations and airports. The figures speak a clear language. And the signs? The signs are still clearly pointing to change.What opportunities should bakeries seize now, and how do they succeed in reorganizing operations professionally? Dr. Tim Bauer, Managing Consultant at enomyc, reports on four proven success factors.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

We do not want to drive a company into insolvency

As one of the world's leading credit insurers, how does Coface assess the impact of the Corona pandemic? Should we be prepared for a major wave of bankruptcies? Was now the right time for the supply chain bailout to expire? What is in store for companies now?We asked Jochen Böhm, Risk Underwriting Director and Member of the Management Board for the Northern Europe region at Coface. He is responsible for risk and commercial underwriting at the international credit insurer and specialist in receivables management. He knows exactly what companies need to pay attention to in order to operate successfully in the long term, to what extent risks can be taken and how the risk situation is developing for companies worldwide.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Distance leadership: the skills it needs are now a must for leaders

Now that the supposed normality is returning due to the progress of the vaccination, we are hearing more and more often about cases in which employees would prefer to continue working in the home office, even post-pandemic. What are the opportunities and what are the limitations of remote management? Can a hybrid between New Work and presence culture succeed? And if so, which distance leadership skills are a must? An interview with Dr. Axel Hermeier, our Head of HR.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

We have had an exhilarating first few months

enomyc last year founded its first foreign subsidiary, enomyc SAS in France. Paris-based Partners Alain Parent and Guillaume Bastien talk about bringing their experience of the corporate world into top consulting, advising an exciting range of international clients, triggering stage three of their start-up’s fast rise into orbit – and wine and beer.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

The expanded role of trade credit insurers

Burkhard Wittgen is a credit insurance specialist and member of the Executive Board at Aon Credit Solutions. In this interview, he talks about the dissolution of the protective shield on June 30, 2021, and the consequences for companies. What should companies do now? Which consulting services are currently more in demand than ever? What does the "average in the Suez Canal" case stand for and why should trade credit insurers urgently create a digital connection to their clients? Learn more!

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Outdated: The Star Salesman as a Guarantor of Success

What do top performers in marketing and sales do differently than other companies? How do they succeed in generating more sales and margins even under pandemic conditions? The first part of our series of topics focused on the paradigm shift in the procurement behavior of purchasing organizations. Based on discussions with managers from purchasing and sales departments as well as our project work, four central success patterns could be identified across all industries.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Out of the Crisis with an Improved Cost Position

When a recession of almost historic proportions hit many industries following the financial crisis over 12 years ago, most companies were utterly unprepared. The same happened again to many companies last year. While the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis was marked by pure economic survival instinct, companies are now faced with the challenge of finding the right strategic position to emerge from the crisis. What is important in that context?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Time To Sweat Harder: Urban Heroes founder Jo Braun continues to focus on growth

Corona hits the fitness industry hard, but in the midst of the crisis something new is emerging: Jo Braun trusts in her Hero Mindset and continues to focus on growth despite Corona. She is Urban Heroes founder, thoroughbred entrepreneur and an absolute power woman - in the enomyc Podcast, she talks to us about her founding phase, how she successfully brought the concept of HIIT training to Germany, and how she was one of the first to establish the term "Boutique Fitness" in Germany.enomyc has accompanied the Hamburg-based start-up for almost four years: How did our urban heroes successfully survive the lockdown? How do they deal with the hygiene regulations? Why is now the time for a new hub in Frankfurt? What is the Urban Heroes secret of success, and what can we learn from it?

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