From the school desk directly to university or vocational training – in their search for a professional career, many students initially decide to take on an internship. What can be expected to be gained from this? And have your expectations in the field of business consultancy been fulfilled? We recently sat down for an interview with one of our interns, Levin Schily, who was at our company for three months. What tasks did we entrust him with? What were his highlights, what new insights was he able to gain, and how has the internship at enomyc influenced his future professional career? Find out more!

Mr. Schily, please spontaneously name three keywords that summarize your three months with enomyc.


Teamwork, trust, challenge.

What did you particularly appreciate about the teamwork at enomyc?


That there was no barrier that excluded me as an intern. I was fully involved from day one – not only in parts of the company, but in entire processes and projects. The openness of the team and the cooperation with each other made an important contribution to the fact that I not only learned a lot during these three months, I was able to open up and explore entire processes. As an intern, you don’t necessarily expect that. The team and my mentor were always available to answer all my questions and to give me helpful, precise input. I really enjoyed being in a constant dialogue with my colleagues, working out solutions together, and subsequently implementing the strategies that I had helped develop as effectively as possible!

You also mentioned “trust” and “challenge” as keywords. Why?


I was regularly given challenging tasks: I worked on presentations for clients and participated in internal reports on various markets. My focus, however, was on an internal project in which existing business processes and cost structures were to be analyzed and optimized. The focus was on increasing efficiency and sustainable management. I was deeply impressed by the trust placed in me – including the fact that I was allowed to work independently. I was able to slip into the role of a consultant, so to speak, and thus – in close cooperation with my mentor – learn quickly and effectively, but above all in a practical way. The project culminated in a final presentation to the management.

Praktikum_enomy_Interview_Levin_Schily_1200x675What did you originally expect from an internship at enomyc?


I hoped to gain firsthand impressions of business consultancy, in order to find out what facets the profession of a management consultant has to offer. It was also very important to me to get to know the internal processes of a consultancy, to experience them and also to prove myself capable of taking on that type of responsibility. 


Which areas particularly appealed to you?


I also wanted to get to know the internal processes in various medium-sized companies. The fact that I was granted the opportunity to sit in on customer meetings was great! What I discovered to be a very interesting area for me was the optimization of business models that restore cash flow.

Did you experience any other highlights?

Besides customer meetings, I was also allowed to participate in numerous bank meeting sessions. This allowed me to gain additional experience directly in the field, which I had not expected. These experiences gave me valuable insights into the overall consulting processes, the approaches, dynamics, and also the networked working style at enomyc.

You already studied business management at school. What did you learn about it here in practice?

How important the human and social components of the profession are. I became aware of this during bank meetings, as well as during client appointments: never lose sight of how important it is to find the best possible solution for all of the people involved in the process. Plus, you always work together with different stakeholders of a company, which makes a developed set of soft skills an essential quality to bring to the table.

What has the internship brought you in terms of your career aspirations?


New experiences and new insights, which have additionally strengthened my desire to work in the field of business consultancy in the future. It gave me a tailwind for pursuing my studies, which will begin soon, and not to mention my subsequent career decisions.

What do you take with you from your time at enomyc in terms of personal growth?

The people, most definitely. Furthermore, the insight to look at things in different contexts and to be able to question them from another point of view. If you want to give good advice, you also have to be a motivator and be able to inspire – but above all, you always have to be open, honest, and transparent. That’s what I’ve learned: you have to put all your cards on the table.

At enomyc, our interns can look forward to a dynamic and exciting working environment from day one. Develop yourself further in interdisciplinary teams consisting of experienced consultants, managers, and digital natives, and together, we can motivate mid-sized companies to grow in a more crisis-resilient and dynamic way in the digital age. Get in touch!   

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