We would like to express our sincere thanks to you, dear readers, dear business partners and, above all, to our experts and colleagues for your continued support and the consistently high level of interest in our interviews, technical articles and podcasts. The year 2021 brought further challenges, but also many opportunities. Let us also make the best possible use of the year 2022: 365 new days, 365 new chances!

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, reflective holidays and a healthy and successful year 2022.

Our most read blogposts of 2021:

What drives you, Mr. Rabelt?
Interview with Holger Rabelt, Managing Director of Commerzbank AG

Holger Rabel 1200x62We interviewed Holger Rabelt, Managing Director of Commerzbank AG: What does it take for his new role as divisional head of corporate recovery and restructuring? What was a particularly drastic experience in his career to date? What developments does he expect and what additional recommendations for action does he give companies and banks in the current situation? Learn more!


More margin despite pandemic?
The recipes for success of high-growth B2B companies by Jan U. Holsten, Partner enomyc

Change---mehr-Marge-1200x627The rules of the game for successful marketing of products and services in B2B business have changed dramatically in recent years. The 24/7 availability of data relevant to purchasing decisions has radically shifted the former information imbalance in favor of buyers. How have the framework conditions for marketing and sales processes changed and how do successful companies expand their market share? Find out in the first part of this series. In the second blog post of this series, "Outdated: The star salesperson as a guarantee of success", we report on the recipes for success in digital B2B marketing. Download the full article here.


We do not want to drive a company into insolvency
Interview with Jochen Böhm, Risk Underwriting Director for Northern Europe at Coface

Coface-Jochen-Böhm-Header-1200-iconIn an interview with our Managing Partner Uwe Köstens, Jochen Böhm talks about the tools and measures entrepreneurs should rely on to prepare themselves even better for the future. At Coface, he is responsible for the risk and commercial underwriting of the international credit insurer and specialist in receivables management. He knows exactly what companies need to pay attention to in order to operate successfully in the long term, to what extent risks can be taken and how the risk situation for companies is developing worldwide. Learn more in the podcast!

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