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Insolvency as a way out of the crisis

Interview with Detlef Specovius, specialist lawyer for insolvency law at Schultze & Braun

When an insolvency administrator comes to the company, it is usually already ablaze. The employees have already noticed weeks or months ago that something is going wrong and fear for their future. But no company gets into insolvency without a reason. Often, performance-related problems have not been eliminated for years.For the insolvency administrator, the task now is to mobilize forces and motivate employees. In order to keep customers satisfied, the quality and delivery reliability must be at least as high as outside the insolvency proceedings. No manufacturer will permanently commission an insolvent company out of pity. This is particularly difficult in production. Here, in particular, experienced interim managers are needed to avoid a high level of sick leave or to prevent acts of sabotage in production.


The world at a distance - This was the Corona year 2020

A year of major challenges is drawing to a close. Distance rules, mandatory masking, homeschooling in the home office, domestic isolation - and finally the second lockdown: each of us experienced drastic restrictions this year.


"Teamwork makes the dream work"

Congratulations to Aileen Sommer, Head of Business Development Telematics at LUIS Technology, Dr. Matthias Feistel, Managing Director of LUIS Technology and Franz Wenzel, Managing Consultant at enomyc, for receiving the "Best of Consulting" award from a competition put on by WirtschaftsWoche! Their joint project saves lives: LUIS Technology and enomyc have digitally enhanced the camera software-based turn assistant LUIS TURN DETECT® in such a way that accidents resulting from the ominous blind-spot turns can be avoided not only at the moment of danger itself: The intelligent system can now even function as an early warning system.


enomyc goes France!

Philippe Piscol, Managing Partner at enomyc, has successfully been driving the field of distressed M&A for 8 years with great energy. What has he come to expect: Will the number of insolvencies continue to rise? Will the complexity of cases increase? Is it worth investing now? The interview also deals with the main topics involved in distressed M&A: How do you achieve a smooth sales process? What is important in the network and last but not least, what is it that attracts him personally to distressed M&A?


We Moved! - Take a Look Behind our New Curtains!

We moved - the lockdown has further fueled the idea of optimal working conditions in times of New Work. About two years ago, we had already started working intensively on our office of the future. We moved in on the 1st of May 2020. You are now welcome to take a look around!


The Preventative Restructuring Framework: 5 Experts. 5 Points of View.

„Facing a wave of Insolvency without a plan“ read a recent headline by the Handelsblatt. Do the participants of our podium discussion share this view? Five respected bankruptcy experts squared up to this statement in a workshop arranged by the Institut für Prozess- und Anwaltsrecht (IPA) and the law firm ECKERT Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater.


Coronavirus: Existential measures in practice

How can some of our 8 recommendations for action to safeguard livelihoods be implemented in manufacturing companies in specific terms? Dr. Stefan Frings, partner at enomyc, talks about this in our current podcast episode:


Contacts Can Multiply, If We Share Them: Networking done differently

“There are not many things in this world that multiply when you share them – apart from happiness,” as Albert Schweitzer once quipped. Another exception we found to this aphorism is the sharing of contacts, as we were fortunate enough to experience again last Friday


Highlights, insights and surprises: A wrap-up of 2019

2019 was colourful. It had its charms, it had its peculiarities, its hurdles and surprises. For us it all was clearly


The faces behind enomyc: Get to know them!

When was the last time you gathered your entire team in one place? What was the occasion and what was the feedback like?


enomyc once again at the ICU scholarship final in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, September 5, 2019 – enomyc was again part of the ICU Scholarship Final in Frankfurt. The scholarship of the


Road show enomyc - in just six days across Germany

Road Show enomyc – in Just Six Days across Germany On January 21, 2019, we kicked off our road show at the SIDE Hotel

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