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Who doesn't want to recognise forward-looking indicators, correctly interpret economic developments, and then use them to make and shape accurate decisions?

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For your summer reading pleasure, our editorial team has compiled the seven most-read articles since our last Editors' Picks.

What do they have in common? Definitely advice and expertise: they point out possible scenarios and smart strategies. They dare to look back at yesterday's mistakes and look forward to tomorrow's business models.

It's good to have you with us this entire time! We thank you very much for your loyalty as readers and wish you a relaxing summer break and inspired reading:

7 reading highlights for your summer reading:


Martin-Hammer-Managing-Partner-enomyc-900-1China’s Strategy: To Decouple or not to Decouple?
Entry into the Port of Hamburg, a suspected spy balloon over the USA, a merger with Russia and conflict with Taiwan: can German-Chinese relations continue as usual? Three scenarios with Martin Hammer, Managing Partner at enomyc. More

Farhhradindustrie-SF-Interview-900x650Between the Corona boom and the slump in demand: What is the future of the bicycle industry? For a long time, it went uphill for them. But a closer inspection shows there are definitely winners and losers. Who belongs to which group and which measures are the right ones now ? Interview with Dr. Stefan Frings, partner at enomyc. More


Future CFO: What does it take? From SAP Hana to Scams: digitalisation and its challenges do not leave CFOs‘ role cold . Do the CFOs of the future have an additional mandate? Will they need cutting-edge digital skills? Or even to split their role? Markus Oberndorfer, Director at enomyc, talks about this in an interview. More

Intelligente-Steuerung-statt-Planwirtschaft-JUH-900Intelligent control instead of a planned economy 
How can cross-functionally networked planning processes and high planning quality improve the profitability and competitiveness of a company? Insights and recommendations for action by Jan U. Holsten, partner at enomyc. More



M&A experts: Why it's not enough to run on numbers

Mergers & acquisitions are  already a difficult undertaking. On an international level, the challenges facing M&A experts become even more complex. What does the job require? Interview with Ian Kayanakis, Managing Partner France and Head of Corporate M&A. More

Geschaeftsmodelle vs Verschwendung_900x650

Business models against waste

Entire industries have overproduced – the baking industry even literally often directly into the bin. Which business models lead out of bad planning and waste? What can smart forecasts and inventory management systems achieve? A conversation with Dr. Tim Bauer, Director at enomyc. More

Unternehmensnachfolge-Kirschke-900Company succession: The three most common mistakes and how to avoid them
Many owners and founders would like to arrange their succession through a sale. How the value of the company can be increased in advance and how negotiations can succeed: an article by M&A expert Andrej Kirschke. More

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