"What kind of working environment do you want in order to stay motivated and work in an optimal way?" This question was the starting point for the renovation of enomyc's Stuttgart office. The newly designed rooms at our familiar location at Kleiner Schloßplatz 13 are now officially open. An inviting ambience, flexible and usable workplaces and state-of-the-art technology reflect  the company’s good understanding of New Work. Julia Hammer, partner, COO and renovation overseer, is convinced that employees won’t be the only ones who benefit.


Anyone entering the renovated rooms immediately senses that the  well-being of the people working here is prioritized. In addition to superb clarity and copious lighting, inviting colours, shapes and materials characterise one‘s visual impression. Coupled with innovative technology, an environment has been created here according to the wishes of the employees – a  space not only intended to ensure the greatest efficiency, but also to maximise enjoyment at work.

Stuttgart 1

"SMEs in Baden-Württemberg are among the most important economic regions in Germany. We want to be found near our customers’ homes, and we want to focus on regional presence," explains Julia Hammer. "Employees, regardless of team affiliation, meet here for exchange  and team building after work. That's a big draw."

New spaces for new forms of work

The design of the office follows the function. Large windows let in lots of daylight but also signal openness and a desire for communication. Only collaboration and intensive togetherness guarantee the learning curves that are the order of the day at enomyc. The colour scheme is similar to that of the rooms at the company headquarters in Hamburg, which was also styled according to this concept: shades of blue ensure trust and a sense of well-being, a clear mind and development. White stands for clarity and vigor. Light shades of grey promote concentration. The many wooden surfaces found on the tables, boards and shelves give a homely impression and are, like enomyc itself, pleasant and honest.

deko-kleinThe possibility of mobile working conditions and enomyc's ambition for growth demand maximum flexibility for its growing team. All workstations in the office can be booked via the intranet , even spontaneously. For the healthiest possible work environment, the workstations are equipped with ergonomic chairs, large screens and height-adjustable tables. Those who like to collaborate closely with colleagues can book a shared office. Digital conference technology allows for practically anything that is currently possible; however, it should remain user-friendly for everyone. That way, you can pop into one of the conference rooms and easily get started right away.


"The rooms are designed in such a way that our employees can not only work in them optimally but do so with a great sense of comfort," explains Julia Hammer. The heart of the new office is therefore the kitchen.  It is the perfect place to exchange ideas and recharge your batteries. In addition to hot and cold drinks, fresh fruit and muesli are also readily available. If you don't want to have lunch together in the restaurant  every day, consider enjoying a meal collectively on Office Day, held every Thursday.

Design shapes corporate culture, culture reflects design

"Anyone who comes to us can feel very quickly that the whole package is right here," says Julia Hammer. The overall package is a modern, collaborative corporate culture with flat hierarchies – reflected here through optimal working conditions.

enomyc has invited customers and partners from the region to their opening event on June 22nd. One thing is certain: the doors at Kleiner Schloßplatz are open and certainly always will be.





Come and visit us. We look forward to seeing you!

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