Road Show enomyc – in Just Six Days across Germany

On January 21, 2019, we kicked off our road show at the SIDE Hotel in Hamburg. What was the message of our first event? K&H Business Partner has rebranded and is now enomyc.

That’s new.

With the rebranding, we have not simply changed our name; in order to drive profitable growth, we have also decided to strategically develop and expand our portfolio with two additional areas of expertise: corporate performance and digital transformation.

Since February 2, 2019, we have also been presenting a new brand message: Clarity. Hands-on involvement. Farsightedness.Philippe Piscol, Uwe Köstens und Martin HammerFrom left to right: Philippe Piscol, Uwe Köstens, and Martin Hammer

Speakers, Partners, and Guests
During the six-day road show, the founders of enomyc, Martin Hammer and Uwe Köstens, presented exactly what lies behind the change and what the next steps will be in the coming years. They were accompanied by the entire partner level of enomyc, as well as the entrepreneur and digitization expert Prof. Peter Gentsch.

Artificial intelligence, data analysis, and digitization in the German SME sector – these were the topics of lectures at a total of six events in the selected circle. Afterwards, there was a lively get-together. Representatives from a wide variety of specialist areas met here evening after evening – including entrepreneurs from the middle market, management levels of various banks, lawyers from renowned law firms, and insolvency administrators.

The consensus

Every evening, a consensus was reached: the German middle-market segment lags dangerously far behind when it comes to digitization. All too often, it is not realized or initiated until after it is already too late. While many companies are still wonderingwhere to start, new players with agile business models, adapted sales strategies, and new technologies are pushing their way into various markets at breakneck speed.

“It’s not about digitizing everything where it’s possible. First and foremost, companies must keep their eyes open and not completely shut themselves off from potential change,” says Martin Hammer.


The fact is that four out of five digital projects in small and medium-sized businesses fail, according to a recent Accenture study. No wonder then that many entrepreneurs are vehemently opposed to developing a digitization strategy. There is a lack of time and personnel, and – of course – nobody wants to use capital speculatively.


However, doing nothing and waiting to see when the next competitor will emerge is not the right way to proceed – Germany has a start-up rate of around 800 per day. Whatever may come out of the numerous continuation forecasts is anyone’s guess, but where every entrepreneur active in the digital age wants to stand is ultimately in his or her own hands.


In order to lead our clients even more comprehensively into their digital and profitable future, we are looking to significantly increase our staff here at enomyc. Digital natives enrich our team of experts, providing professional and farsighted support for digital transformations in companies throughout the middle market.


The message has arrived. Now the implementation follows.

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