When was the last time you gathered your entire team in one place? What was the occasion and what was the feedback like?

Besides slack, facetime and telephone conferences, it is not easy for us to meet all together at the same place at the time, either. But that will not stop us from doing everything we can in order to still make it happen! This year we have already succeeded several times; The last time was on the 19th of October 2019: 

We have brought our interdisciplinary teams - consisting of our partners, our accounting team, consultants, PAs and directors from Poznań (Poland), Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Hamburg - together here in the Hanseatic city. 

With the goal to share our common vision and mission, but also to strengthen our synergies, to educate ourselves further, to report on successes and challenges and to marvel at the new opportunities and developments that have or will be realized. 

We’ve captured some impressions for you. 

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