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From Idea to Implementation: How Innovations Change the Consulting World

New technologies and ground-breaking innovations are topics that most of us would expect to find in Silicon Valley rather than in German SMEs. The long list of German SMEs whose products and solutions are in demand all over the world shows that this is not the whole truth. The secret of their success: above-average innovative strength. The Top 100 competition honours precisely such companies. This year, enomyc is also among the winners.

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Consumption slump and short-time working instead of kitchen acquisition: The situation in the German furniture industry

According to official figures, the turnover of furniture manufacturers and retailers fell by 5 to 7 per cent last year, with a drop of almost 12 per cent for living room, dining room and bedroom furniture. enomyc industry expert Marc Fahrig spoke to Jan Kurth, Managing Director of the German Furniture Industry Association (VDM/VHK) and Markus Meyer, President of the German Furniture and Kitchens Trade Association, about the causes of the crisis, current priorities and new opportunities.

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Big Data: How companies make their data talk

It’s a horror scenario for any company: losing one your highest-revenue customers. The management wants to know how the loss will affect the operating result. The consequences for turnover, inventory, material and personnel costs also need to be identified as quickly as possible. In theory, this is the time for management control. In practice, however, this is often hopelessly overwhelmed.

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The crash course to tackle skills shortages

There is currently hardly a statement from company representatives that does not contain a complaint about the lack of skilled workers and managers. While politicians are endeavouring to make Germany more attractive to qualified people from all over the world, the consequences of the shortage are becoming increasingly noticeable. For experts and business representatives, it has long been one of the biggest obstacles to growth in our country. “Lamenting doesn’t help, we have to take matters into our own hands”, is the credo of enomyc author Wolfram W. Hackbarth. No sooner said than done. He has developed a training programme for his SME customers that prepares career changers for their tasks as specialists and managers in a short space of time.

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Better decisions with the right technology

Forecasts are difficult, especially when they concern the future. What sounds so flippant and easy is often a great burden in everyday business life, as most decisions have to be made under great uncertainty. Nobody knows what the future holds and which decision will turn out to be the right one in the end. In their article, our enomyc authors Stefan Frings and Mario Trapp show how modern business intelligence and business analytics solutions can also help SMEs to make better-informed and therefore sounder decisions.

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20 years of enomyc: Made Twix out of Raider without having needed to .

enomyc has reason to celebrate: what began as a two-man operation in an office overlooking the River Elbe has developed into one of the leading management consultancies for SMEs over the past 20 years. What was the start like 20 years ago? What have the founders learnt in the years that followed and what are their plans for the future? A conversation with Martin Hammer and Uwe Köstens about difficult start-ups, the power of mindset and sweeping your own backyard.

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ESG in SMEs: Can sustainability be measured?

Sustainable corporate governance, also known by the abbreviation ESG, at first seemed to be a topic that mainly concerned large corporations. However, it has been clear for some time that, beginning in 2025, many medium-sized companies will also have to report on sustainability in accordance with the requirements of the so-called Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, or CSRD for short. What exactly will be expected of companies then? Can sustainability be measured at all, and if so, in what form?

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What comes after the "annus horribilis"?

2022 was a difficult year for many companies. While the Corona pandemic in the form of fragile supply chains has not quite been overcome even after almost three years, galloping energy costs, rising interest rates and a threatening shortage of staff are creating new, additional risk factors. An interview with Martin Hammer and Uwe Köstens about the current situation, the outlook for 2023 and why restructuring experts are often "buzzkills".

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Future CFO: What does it take?

From SAP Hana to Scams: Almost everything is involved. New means, such as digital transformation, but also new challenges, such as cyber attacks, do not leave the role of CFOs cold. Will the CFOs of the future have an additional mandate? Will they also need cutting-edge digital skills? Or even a split of their role? Markus Oberndorfer, director at enomyc, talks about this.

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Before the recession: What matters now!

We are in the midst of the energy crisis, watching prices skyrocket and the recession is already upon us. The rule for companies is that they must pass on the increased factor costs to the market, but at the same time radically reduce their costs. What should be the primary focus now? What options are available to companies, and which areas of the company are crucial for overcoming the crisis?

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SME suppliers: Two is better than one

The energy crisis, skyrocketing raw material prices, disrupted supply chains and a chronic shortage of skilled workers are presenting the German automotive and supplier industry with unprecedented challenges. Small and medium-sized suppliers specializing in combustion engine drive components, chassis and C-parts in particular must fear for their future.

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