Transformation & Restructuring

Companies in Crisis: Hit it Hard and Hit it Early

Interview with Martin Hammer, Managing Partner at enomyc

Cheap Gas, Cheap Life, Cheap Money: A large portion of Germans have only known growth and prosperity. The Boomers helped build this flourishing state, while the Millennials were born into it. And now? The fat years seem to be over. The usual formula—higher, faster, further—no longer works. What are the new parameters for growth and prosperity? And how should we approach them? A conversation with Martin Hammer.

Financial Advisory

Crisis communication with financing partners: 5 typical pitfalls and how to avoid them

During a corporate crisis, many things change, including the relationship between the company and its financiers. Internal regulatory requirements lead to changes vis-à-vis lenders' engagement strategies and new contacts. Communication requirements also increase in many respects. Those who fail to recognise this risk a communicative downward spiral and thus potential existential consequences. Why is correct crisis communication so crucial for a successful restructuring? And how does it work exactly?

Financial Advisory

Inflation eats into margins

Raw materials, labor, energy, transportation: everything is becoming ever more expensive. But that's not all: the rising costs of important input factors are endangering the profitability of companies. With our interactive inflation calculator, you can quickly find out just how much price increases are impacting your company's earnings and how price increases to your own customers can provide relief.

Financial Advisory

Post merger integration - part 1: How can sustainable integration success be achieved?

Many entrepreneurs and managers associate high expectations with an acquisition. However, according to practical experience, these are often not fulfilled. What are the main reasons for this? Are there typical sources of error? How can entrepreneurs uncover them and achieve a sustainable integration process? Florian Tretau, director at enomyc, reports on the decision-supporting instruments of M&A analysis and due diligence.

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