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From dealer contract to agency model: Why car dealers don't lose out

Interview with Jan Brandt, expert on turnaround and new business models

Material shortages, delivery stoppages, rising energy costs. Sustainability targets, digitalization and electromobility: the automotive industry is under pressure to transform like almost no other. There is no choice in this. It is compelled to transform itself, must reinvent itself, must question the tried and tested - such as network structures, contracts and sales systems - and it is doing so. A conversation with Jan Brandt, interim manager and expert for turnaround and new business models.

Digital Strategy

Artificial intelligence in German SMEs:  Still hype or already a part of everyday life?

"The concept of "artificial intelligence" has such surgically specific approaches that hardly anyone can talk about it in a qualified way, if they do not have a deeper involvement," said Franz Wenzel, Senior Consultant at enomyc. He is currently doing his doctorate in energy law on the subject of "Smart metering and flexible consumers". The aim for this article is "to demystify the nebulous term "AI"." 

Digital Strategy

Bitcoins and co.: Are tax-free profits finally possible?

If you have opened the financial section of a major newspaper or read up online in the last few weeks, you have certainly also recognized that the performance of the virtual currencies has been subject to considerable ups and downs. These present certain investment opportunities for the interested investor. At the same time, however, the following questions arise regarding expected returns: Can the potential profits generated from Bitcoins and the like be assessed tax-free? And what about possible losses – is there then a tax cut?

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