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Best Practices for SMEs: Achieving Greater Success through Strategic Assortment Optimization

Optimizing the product range involves far more than just updating the product and service offering. Rather, it is about drawing a sharp line between profitable and market-relevant products and those that tie up resources without generating corresponding returns. Anyone who dares to take this step should not shy away from complex processes, comprehensive data analyses and a structured examination of market dynamics.


3 AI myths from the SME sector

What do you think: What impact will artificial intelligence have on your life? Do you follow developments with risk appetite or skepticism? One thing is clear: AI is a pioneering technology. It triggers noticeable changes. And it provokes. Even myths. We spoke to Mario Trapp, Partner in Restructuring & Transformation and Head of Digital Strategy, about this. How does he himself use AI in professional practice? Should companies already be hiring Chief AI Officers? And which AI developments make even him uneasy?


Could have, would have, supply chain

EU Supply Chain Act: Are the FDP's veto and timing justified and helpful? What does the economy gain now - apart from perhaps time? We interviewed our new partner Dr. Tim Bauer. He himself comes from a family of entrepreneurs and believes that Regulations have increased significantly in recent years - also in terms of complexity. In addition, the EU Parliament often lacks an eye for SMEs. Why should companies still act proactively now? Why focus firmly on competitive advantages through clean business practices?


Growth Mindset: How to succeed in the crisis?

People and companies in a state of emergency: Ralf Ehret has definitely experienced them. Over the past 30 years, the financial expert has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get back on track. As our partner and Head of Debt Advisory, he is now building up a new business unit. What made him change sides after more than 30 years in banking? Why is integrity one of the go-to qualities of debt advisors? And how is it possible to develop a "growth mindset" despite having one's back to the wall?

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