Strategy & Corporate Performance

Predictive analytics – how companies create advantages for themselves within industry competition

Knowledge is power and this is especially true for knowledge about future developments. Those who know with a very high probability what will happen next are literally one step ahead of their competitors. Predictive analytics is a technology that aims to achieve precisely these insights. How does the process behind this technology work and how can companies use the data gained from it profitably for their own business model? Mario Trapp, senior consultant at enomyc, shares his insights with us.

Strategy & Corporate Performance

A bakery without bread? How companies can benefit from structural change

The bakery industry is creaking under the continuous structural change that is taking place. New economic conditions, competition from food retailers and changing consumer habits are some of the reasons for this. How can bakeries take advantage of this structural change? Which consumer trends determine the market, and what opportunities are there today that could benefit the future of the bakery industry?

Strategy & Corporate Performance

Family affairs - the dos and don’ts of the company handover

Martin Hammer, managing partner of enomyc, comes from an entrepreneurial family and is himself a father and founder. What has his experience from over 300 handover projects with the family businesses taught him? When should entrepreneurs think about succession and become active about it? What are the most common reasons why succession processes fail, and which factors make a successful company handover possible in the first place?

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