Monday morning, 5:45 a.m.: In production, the control system of a machine – which, in fact, is also a bottleneck in the process – undergoes total failure due to age and has to be replaced on short notice. However, initial research shows that the control system is no longer available as a spare part – neither from the supplier nor on the market. What is one to do? Director Wolfram W. Hackbarth and Senior Consultant Peter Kink address this issue.

Restructuring and Reorganization

Charging out of the crisis

With concepts like "just-in-time production", Toyota and its legendary Toyota Production System (TPS) have had a lasting impact on countless companies around the world. When it was introduced in the early 1990s, the Japanese manufacturing system established new standards and benchmarks for the automotive sector and other manufacturing industries. But today we know this legendary production system has to be closely woven into a company's DNA – its strategy, corporate and even national cultures. This takes time – something crisis-hit companies usually don’t have. Luckily, there’s ePS4x from enomyc.

Restructuring and Reorganization

Distressed M&A: What Really Matters

Philippe Piscol, Managing Partner at enomyc, has successfully been driving the field of distressed M&A for 8 years with great energy. What has he come to expect: Will the number of insolvencies continue to rise? Will the complexity of cases increase? Is it worth investing now? The interview also deals with the main topics involved in distressed M&A: How do you achieve a smooth sales process? What is important in the network and last but not least, what is it that attracts him personally to distressed M&A?

Restructuring and Reorganization

Restructuring Gains and Taxation: What you should be aware of

Imagine that a company is in a difficult economic situation. The annual result is deep in the negative and creditors are demanding their money back. The shareholders, who also have money invested into the company, are now considering

Restructuring and Reorganization

How much emotion can a business consultant handle?


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