Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A market: for entrepreneurs: it's all about selling their life's work

Interview with Robert Neufeld, Partner and Head of Distressed M&A / Co-Head Corporate M&A at enomyc

enomyc wants to grow further. The M&A business plays a central role in this. Only recently, a new, internationally active team was introduced for this purpose. Robert Neufeld is on board as Head of Distressed M&A and Co-Head Corporate M&A. How does he assess the further development of the market in the coming months? What makes a transaction successful and what is particularly important in the midmarket?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Taking advantage of the crisis before it's too late: How to boost your performance

The Corona pandemic and its consequences, including disruption of important supply chains and shortages of materials, have plunged many companies into a crisis that threatens their very existence. Small and medium-sized companies in particular are having to contend with double-digit falls in sales and earnings. Companies that failed to prepare for the crisis in good times have been hit particularly hard. So it's high time to tackle the issue of preventive restructuring now.


365 new days, 365 new chances

We would like to express our sincere thanks to you, dear readers, dear business partners and, above all, to our experts and colleagues for your continued support and the consistently high level of interest in our interviews, technical articles and podcasts. The year 2021 brought further challenges, but also many opportunities. Let us also make the best possible use of the year 2022: 365 new days, 365 new chances!

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Change of leadership in the family - without the Prince Charles Syndrome

90 percent of German companies are family businesses. Often with a long tradition and several management changes from generation to generation. These handover processes are often complex. "A family-internal company handover is of great importance for all family members," finds Bessie Fischer-Bohn. The economist, psychotherapist and executive consultant has been accompanying families through the leadership transition for many years. Why do those who don't normally sit at the conference table also have to come to the table? How can the Prince Charles Syndrome be avoided? And what do families typically ignore?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

There is no one way to become a board member

Corona and no end - What does this actually mean for banks? How do financial institutions currently assess the competitiveness of their customers? How meaningful are profit and loss statements (P&L) after the numerous liquidity aids provided by the German government? How does Rita Herbers, member of the board of Hamburger Volksbank, experience the Corona pandemic and how did she become the first female board member in the 160-year history of Hamburger Volksbank?Rita Herbers, Member of the Board of Hamburger Volksbank, and our Managing Partner Uwe Köstens talk about this in the enomyc Podcast.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Tool introduced - and then?

The Corona pandemic has undoubtedly given digitization in Germany a major boost. But the momentum did not happen voluntarily everywhere. While young companies, in particular those with fluid structures and processes, are finding it easy to go digital, the comprehensive digitization of business processes is still meeting with resistance in many long-established companies.

Corporate Finance

Inflation eats into margins

Raw materials, labor, energy, transportation: everything is becoming ever more expensive. But that's not all: the rising costs of important input factors are endangering the profitability of companies. With our interactive inflation calculator, you can quickly find out just how much price increases are impacting your company's earnings and how price increases to your own customers can provide relief.

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