enomyc goes France!

Why France of and What is in It for You

Philippe Piscol, Managing Partner at enomyc, has successfully been driving the field of distressed M&A for 8 years with great energy. What has he come to expect: Will the number of insolvencies continue to rise? Will the complexity of cases increase? Is it worth investing now? The interview also deals with the main topics involved in distressed M&A: How do you achieve a smooth sales process? What is important in the network and last but not least, what is it that attracts him personally to distressed M&A?

Digital Transformation

One Year of enomyc: Insights into our Digitalization and Rebranding Process

Exactly one year ago, "K & H Business Partner" presented itself with a completely new brand identity. Today, we celebrate one year of enomyc. What exactly were the reasons for the rebranding? What were the biggest challenges in the digital transformation

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Service – Part 1: Strategy and Portfolio Development

The declining growth rates are currently giving many manufacturers food for thought. At management level, discussions about alternative ways of increasing earnings are on the rise. Expansion of the service business aspects appears particularly promising. How can companies increase

Digital Strategy

When Digitization Saves Lives: A Joint Project of enomyc and LUIS Technology

Cyclists live dangerously. In June 2019, the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel headlined an article titled, “Death


Highlights, insights and surprises: A wrap-up of 2019

2019 was colourful. It had its charms, it had its peculiarities, its hurdles and surprises. For us it all was clearly

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Predictive analytics – how companies create advantages for themselves within industry competition

Knowledge is power and this is especially true for knowledge about future developments. Those who know with a very high

Restructuring and Reorganization

How much emotion can a business consultant handle?



The faces behind enomyc: Get to know them!

When was the last time you gathered your entire team in one place? What was the occasion and what was the feedback like?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Post merger integration - part 3: Personal & cultural integration

Mergers and acquisitions: In nearly every instance the accompanying change processes trigger uncertainty among the

Strategy and Corporate Performance

A bakery without bread? How companies can benefit from structural change

The bakery industry is creaking under the continuous structural change that is taking place. New economic conditions,

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Voice of the customer - the added value of customer surveys in SMEs

“How are we perceived as a company on the market? How well do we meet our customers’ expectations today? And where is

Digital Strategy

Artificial intelligence in German SMEs:  Still hype or already a part of everyday life?

"The concept of "artificial intelligence" has such surgically specific approaches that hardly anyone can talk about it

Strategy and Corporate Performance

The power of pricing - the underestimated lever for improving profitability

In many companies, the scope for improving profitability through cost reductions has become narrower. The

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