Transformation in Family Businesses: What Does It Take for the Shift? Recommendations and Insights from Dr. Tim Bauer

Recommendations and Insights from Dr. Tim Bauer

What effect does the family factor have on change processes in family businesses? Our partner Dr. Tim Bauer researched this topic years ago. In 2012, he completed his PhD on "Innovation Processes in Family Businesses." Prior to that, he worked at the Chair for Family Businesses, advised young founders, and studied renowned family businesses from the German Mittelstand. That he now advises family businesses in transformation processes is partly because he himself comes from a family business and managed the company for a decade with his brother.


Editors' Picks: 7 tips for your summer reading

Our seven most-read blog articles since the beginning of the year: what do they have in common? Definitely advice and expertise: possible scenarios and smart strategies. Retrospectives on yesterday's mistakes and outlooks on tomorrow's business models. It's great to have you with us all this time! We thank you very much for your loyalty as a reader and wish you a relaxing summer break and inspired reading!

Transformation & Restructuring

Adaptability is the key competence of the future

If somehow there is always a crisis, how do you deal with it? What skills do managers need to avert the crisis and how do they succeed in aligning an organisation as a perpetual motion machine? We talked about this with Prof. Dr. Henning Werner, Professor for Transformation, Restructuring and Turnaround at the SRH University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg.


Exchange and collaboration: This is what New Work looks like at enomyc in Stuttgart

"What kind of working environment do you want in order to stay motivated and work in an optimal way?" This question was the starting point for the renovation of enomyc's Stuttgart office. The newly designed rooms at our familiar location at Kleiner Schloßplatz 13 are now officially open. An inviting ambience, flexible and usable workplaces and state-of-the-art technology reflect the company’s good understanding of New Work.


The future depends on what we do today

Christmas and the turn of the year are a time for reflection. The last few years have been demanding for all of us in many respects, both in business and in our private lives. We would like to thank you, dear readers, dear business partners and especially our experts, our colleagues and our editors for your continued support and the always high level of interest in our interviews, professional articles and podcasts.

Strategy & Corporate Performance

What comes after the "annus horribilis"?

2022 was a difficult year for many companies. While the Corona pandemic in the form of fragile supply chains has not quite been overcome even after almost three years, galloping energy costs, rising interest rates and a threatening shortage of staff are creating new, additional risk factors. An interview with Martin Hammer and Uwe Köstens about the current situation, the outlook for 2023 and why restructuring experts are often "buzzkills".

Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A: Why it's not enough to crunch numbers

Mergers and acquisitions are always a difficult task. When they take place on an international level between several countries, all with a different business approach, the shovel becomes much wider. What skills are needed to handle the task professionally? And looking at current Franco-German relations: Does M&A have what it takes to positively influence the economies and politics of both countries? A conversation with Ian Kayanakis, Managing Partner France, and Head of Corporate M&A at enomyc.

Strategy & Corporate Performance

Future CFO: What does it take?

From SAP Hana to Scams: Almost everything is involved. New means, such as digital transformation, but also new challenges, such as cyber attacks, do not leave the role of CFOs cold. Will the CFOs of the future have an additional mandate? Will they also need cutting-edge digital skills? Or even a split of their role? Markus Oberndorfer, director at enomyc, talks about this.

Strategy & Corporate Performance

Before the recession: What matters now!

We are in the midst of the energy crisis, watching prices skyrocket and the recession is already upon us. The rule for companies is that they must pass on the increased factor costs to the market, but at the same time radically reduce their costs. What should be the primary focus now? What options are available to companies, and which areas of the company are crucial for overcoming the crisis?

Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A market: for entrepreneurs it's all about selling their life's work

enomyc wants to grow further. The M&A business plays a central role in this. Only recently, a new, internationally active team was introduced for this purpose. Robert Neufeld is on board as Head of Distressed M&A and Co-Head Corporate M&A. How does he assess the further development of the market in the coming months? What makes a transaction successful and what is particularly important in the midmarket?

Strategy & Corporate Performance

SME suppliers: Two is better than one

The energy crisis, skyrocketing raw material prices, disrupted supply chains and a chronic shortage of skilled workers are presenting the German automotive and supplier industry with unprecedented challenges. Small and medium-sized suppliers specializing in combustion engine drive components, chassis and C-parts in particular must fear for their future.

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