Strategy & Corporate Performance

Better decisions with the right technology

Forecasts are difficult, especially when they concern the future. What sounds so flippant and easy is often a great burden in everyday business life, as most decisions have to be made under great uncertainty. Nobody knows what the future holds and which decision will turn out to be the right one in the end. In their article, our enomyc authors Stefan Frings and Mario Trapp show how modern business intelligence and business analytics solutions can also help SMEs to make better-informed and therefore sounder decisions.

Strategy & Corporate Performance

20 years of enomyc: Made Twix out of Raider without having needed to .

enomyc has reason to celebrate: what began as a two-man operation in an office overlooking the River Elbe has developed into one of the leading management consultancies for SMEs over the past 20 years. What was the start like 20 years ago? What have the founders learnt in the years that followed and what are their plans for the future? A conversation with Martin Hammer and Uwe Köstens about difficult start-ups, the power of mindset and sweeping your own backyard.

Strategy & Corporate Performance

ESG in SMEs: Can sustainability be measured?

Sustainable corporate governance, also known by the abbreviation ESG, at first seemed to be a topic that mainly concerned large corporations. However, it has been clear for some time that, beginning in 2025, many medium-sized companies will also have to report on sustainability in accordance with the requirements of the so-called Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, or CSRD for short. What exactly will be expected of companies then? Can sustainability be measured at all, and if so, in what form?


Growth Mindset: How to succeed in the crisis?

People and companies in a state of emergency: Ralf Ehret has definitely experienced them. Over the past 30 years, the financial expert has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get back on track. As our partner and Head of Debt Advisory, he is now building up a new business unit. What made him change sides after more than 30 years in banking? Why is integrity one of the go-to qualities of debt advisors? And how is it possible to develop a "growth mindset" despite having one's back to the wall?

Real Estate

From Hero to Zero: What's next for project developers?

In der Immobilienwirtschaft schien es in den vergangenen Jahren nur eine Richtung zu geben: nach oben, und zwar ganz steil. Doch Corona, Ukrainekrieg und die dadurch hervorgerufenen Lieferkettenprobleme haben den Boom ins Stocken gebracht, Material und Kapazitäten sind Mangelware. Wie geht es weiter? Welche Entwicklungen werden den Markt in den nächsten Jahren prägen? Dazu haben wir Matias Otto, Partner und Head of Real Estate, befragt.

Financial Advisory

Crisis communication with financing partners: 5 typical pitfalls and how to avoid them

During a corporate crisis, many things change, including the relationship between the company and its financiers. Internal regulatory requirements lead to changes vis-à-vis lenders' engagement strategies and new contacts. Communication requirements also increase in many respects. Those who fail to recognise this risk a communicative downward spiral and thus potential existential consequences. Why is correct crisis communication so crucial for a successful restructuring? And how does it work exactly?

Digital Strategy

Crime as a franchise model: How hacker gangs work and what companies should know now about cyber risks

Nine out of ten companies are victims of data theft, espionage or sabotage. Practically any company can become a victim, from a small tax consultant to a major international corporation. The extorted ransoms reach ever more dizzying heights and lead many a company into insolvency. Which actors and structures are behind the cyberattacks and, above all, how can one protect oneself? That's what we asked Andreas Persihl.

Digital Strategy

“You are f****d”: What helps during cyber attacks?

Cyber-attacks put the crown on polycrisis. They are extremely sophisticated and criminals are often several steps ahead. Experts have long known that attacks cannot be avoided. What matters is how companies react to them. "Incident response" instead of "headless chicken mode": How does that work exactly? What should be the first steps in an emergency? Philipp Seebohm from AON shares insights and recommendations from eight years of cyber risk management.


Editors' Picks: 7 tips for your summer reading

Our seven most-read blog articles since the beginning of the year: what do they have in common? Definitely advice and expertise: possible scenarios and smart strategies. Retrospectives on yesterday's mistakes and outlooks on tomorrow's business models. It's great to have you with us all this time! We thank you very much for your loyalty as a reader and wish you a relaxing summer break and inspired reading!

Transformation & Restructuring

Adaptability is the key competence of the future

If somehow there is always a crisis, how do you deal with it? What skills do managers need to avert the crisis and how do they succeed in aligning an organisation as a perpetual motion machine? We talked about this with Prof. Dr. Henning Werner, Professor for Transformation, Restructuring and Turnaround at the SRH University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg.


Exchange and collaboration: This is what New Work looks like at enomyc in Stuttgart

"What kind of working environment do you want in order to stay motivated and work in an optimal way?" This question was the starting point for the renovation of enomyc's Stuttgart office. The newly designed rooms at our familiar location at Kleiner Schloßplatz 13 are now officially open. An inviting ambience, flexible and usable workplaces and state-of-the-art technology reflect the company’s good understanding of New Work.

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