enomyc goes France!

Why France of and What is in It for You

Philippe Piscol, Managing Partner at enomyc, has successfully been driving the field of distressed M&A for 8 years with great energy. What has he come to expect: Will the number of insolvencies continue to rise? Will the complexity of cases increase? Is it worth investing now? The interview also deals with the main topics involved in distressed M&A: How do you achieve a smooth sales process? What is important in the network and last but not least, what is it that attracts him personally to distressed M&A?


enomyc once again at the ICU scholarship final in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, September 5, 2019 – enomyc was again part of the ICU Scholarship Final in Frankfurt. The scholarship of the

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Bringing SMEs into tomorrow: The management consultancy K&H Business Partner rebrands as enomyc



Road show enomyc - in just six days across Germany

Road Show enomyc – in Just Six Days across Germany On January 21, 2019, we kicked off our road show at the SIDE Hotel

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