Internship at enomyc: “Put all your cards on the table.”

From the school desk directly to university or vocational training – in their search for a professional career, many students initially decide to take on an internship. What can be expected to be gained from this? And have your expectations in the field of business consultancy been fulfilled? We recently sat down for an interview with one of our interns, Levin Schily, who was at our company for three months. What tasks did we entrust him with? What were his highlights, what new insights was he able to gain, and how has the internship at enomyc influenced his future professional career? Find out more!

Digital Strategy

1 year enomyc: Insights from the digitization and rebranding process

Exactly one year ago, "K & H Businesspartner" presented itself with a completely new brand identity. Today we are celebrating 1 year of enomyc. What exactly were the motivations for the rebranding? What were the biggest challenges in the digital transformation process and what are the benefits for companies we advise? Julia Hammer, Change Officer and Director at enomyc, talks about this in an interview.

Strategy & Corporate Performance

Predictive analytics – how companies create advantages for themselves within industry competition

Knowledge is power and this is especially true for knowledge about future developments. Those who know with a very high probability what will happen next are literally one step ahead of their competitors. Predictive analytics is a technology that aims to achieve precisely these insights. How does the process behind this technology work and how can companies use the data gained from it profitably for their own business model? Mario Trapp, senior consultant at enomyc, shares his insights with us.

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