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M&A market: for entrepreneurs: it's all about selling their life's work

Interview with Robert Neufeld, Partner and Head of Distressed M&A / Co-Head Corporate M&A at enomyc

enomyc wants to grow further. The M&A business plays a central role in this. Only recently, a new, internationally active team was introduced for this purpose. Robert Neufeld is on board as Head of Distressed M&A and Co-Head Corporate M&A. How does he assess the further development of the market in the coming months? What makes a transaction successful and what is particularly important in the midmarket?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Leadership in the Crisis

It seems as if proven process flows must now be catapulted directly into the future! The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many companies to rethink established work processes and realign their organizational structures. How do entrepreneurs gain clarity now? How do they manage their company correctly? What does it take to redesign departments and processes intelligently, and what new opportunities can companies now also offer themselves?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

The Corona crisis from the perspective of an insolvency expert

The Corona crisis is changing our entire economic life to date. Every day, there is a new household name in the press that has filed for insolvency. At the same time, many healthy companies are having to take on extremely high levels of debt as a result of the crisis in order to survive at all.Will there also be international group insolvencies of large listed companies? Is the actual wave of insolvencies not expected until later - into 2021/22? And aren't some companies currently taking advantage of the situation to implement long overdue restructuring measures?We interviewed Dr. Tjark Thies, a specialist in insolvency law at Reimer Rechtsanwälte. How does he assess the current situation and its effects?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

How to Receive Privileged Financial Resources?

Will COVID-19 aid only be available to companies that were healthy and profitable before the crisis? Uwe Köstens, managing partner at enomyc, sees the danger that only those companies that are healthy, according to the KfW’s terms of allocation and EU regulations, will be able to benefit from privileged financial programs. How does he see the current situation? How does he see the future, and what has the current situation prompted him to do? A commentary.

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Coronavirus: Existential measures in practice

How can some of our 8 recommendations for action to safeguard livelihoods be implemented in manufacturing companies in specific terms? Dr. Stefan Frings, partner at enomyc, talks about this in our current podcast episode:How can companies create liquidity that secures their existence now? What new market opportunities can even arise from interrupted supply chains? Why is communication in the Corona crisis one of the "rapid actions" and how does a task force function now at best?

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Coronavirus: “The Need for Liquidity Is Enormous”

His legal advice and his experience as a restructuring expert are much sought after:enomyc CEO, Martin Hammer, conducted an interview with Dr. Lars Westpfahl, restructuring expert at the law firm Freshfields, about the economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis. The focus was on topics such as: Are the politics of cheap money taking their revenge now? Do only the systemically important corporations fit under the corona umbrella? Will the preventive restructuring framework now be implemented more quickly? And what can German SMEs expect? Learn more!

Strategy and Corporate Performance

Coronavirus: The economic impact from a consultant's perspective

The coronavirus is currently the number one topic - and it is clearly in the spotlight here as well: Will the billions in financial aid and the tax policy measures of the German government be sufficient to cushion the effects of the pandemic? What specific questions are companies and financial institutions facing, and which instruments should companies now make greater use of to secure their liquidity?


Internship at enomyc: “Put all your cards on the table.”

From the school desk directly to university or vocational training – in their search for a professional career, many students initially decide to take on an internship. What can be expected to be gained from this? And have your expectations in the field of business consultancy been fulfilled? We recently sat down for an interview with one of our interns, Levin Schily, who was at our company for three months. What tasks did we entrust him with? What were his highlights, what new insights was he able to gain, and how has the internship at enomyc influenced his future professional career? Find out more!

Digital Transformation

1 year enomyc: Insights from the digitization and rebranding process

Exactly one year ago, "K & H Businesspartner" presented itself with a completely new brand identity. Today we are celebrating 1 year of enomyc. What exactly were the motivations for the rebranding? What were the biggest challenges in the digital transformation process and what are the benefits for companies we advise? Julia Hammer, Change Officer and Director at enomyc, talks about this in an interview.

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