Mentoring: These are the Benefits for Companies and Employees

Challenge, encourage, and feedback - these are the three components of our mentoring program. Dr. Axel Hermeier, Head of HR at enomyc was a mentee himself, and thinks: "Mentoring programs are a necessity". Why especially in the consulting business? How do companies and employees in general benefit from mentoring? What is the concrete situation at enomyc, and what recommendations does Dr. Hermeier have for companies wishing to introduce mentoring programs? Learn more in our interview.

Transformation & Restructuring

How do founders profit from restructuring experts?

‘What do start-up and restructuring have in common?’, you may ask yourself now. And what do start-ups have in common with business consulting? „Quite a bit”, says our Managing Consultant Jendrik Voss, „because the know-how of experienced restructurers can put a business idea on such a solid foundation from the moment it is founded that it pays off and expands in the long term. ” Learn more about the four pillars that can help a business model achieve sustainable success.

Strategy & Corporate Performance

Time To Sweat Harder: Urban Heroes founder Jo Braun continues to focus on growth

Corona hits the fitness industry hard, but in the midst of the crisis something new is emerging: Jo Braun trusts in her Hero Mindset and continues to focus on growth despite Corona. She is Urban Heroes founder, thoroughbred entrepreneur and an absolute power woman - in the enomyc Podcast, she talks to us about her founding phase, how she successfully brought the concept of HIIT training to Germany, and how she was one of the first to establish the term "Boutique Fitness" in Germany.enomyc has accompanied the Hamburg-based start-up for almost four years: How did our urban heroes successfully survive the lockdown? How do they deal with the hygiene regulations? Why is now the time for a new hub in Frankfurt? What is the Urban Heroes secret of success, and what can we learn from it?

Digital Strategy

bulkvision: An Innovative Blockchain Solution for the Food Industry and Retail

Hans-Dieter Philipowski is an engineer and for more than 25 years, he has built cleaning plants as an entrepreneur in Europe and Russia. As the founder of ENFIT e.V. - International Association - Supply Chain Safety, he knows the grievances that prevail in the food transport industry and knows what risks can arise for consumers and companies. His innovative blockchain cloud-solution bulkvision is now able to account for the complete traceability of food transportation and raise food safety to a new level. For this, bulkvision was nominated by the networ, „Die Deutsche Wirtschaft“ for the "Innovator of the Year 2020" award.What exactly does the solution do? How do the food industry, trade, logistics and consumers benefit? And what did it take to develop such an innovation in the first place? Learn more in our latest interview with Hans-Dieter Philipowski.

Digital Strategy

3 Typical Pitfalls During the Digitalization Process

Digitalization has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. It is becoming increasingly important for consumers and companies alike and is equally driving the demands of all to the extreme.In addition to the gigantic opportunities and market potential that digitization offers, it also presents companies with perhaps the greatest challenge since its inception. Be it with regards to services or products: innovation is required! But so are fast adaptation and intuitive operability.What do our digitalization experts observe at enomyc? What are the three biggest pitfalls that are encountered during the digitalization process? How can companies recognize them in time, and how can they avoid them?

Strategy & Corporate Performance

Charging out of the crisis

With concepts like "just-in-time production", Toyota and its legendary Toyota Production System (TPS) have had a lasting impact on countless companies around the world. When it was introduced in the early 1990s, the Japanese manufacturing system established new standards and benchmarks for the automotive sector and other manufacturing industries. But today we know this legendary production system has to be closely woven into a company's DNA – its strategy, corporate and even national cultures. This takes time – something crisis-hit companies usually don’t have. Luckily, there’s ePS4x from enomyc.

Strategy & Corporate Performance

Use sales power to put the crisis behind you

The mighty Association of German Industry (BDI) recently said the country’s "export-oriented economy must prepare itself for difficult times” in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. In view of such gloomy forecasts, it’s always heartening to hear about companies that are flourishing in the crisis and making use of unexpected opportunities – serving customers that had been out of touch for a long time in considerable volumes. These companies should now strengthen these rekindled customer relationships with some new sales power.

Digital Strategy

How is Digitalization Restoring the Furniture Industry?

Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic crisis, the German furniture trade was confronted with subdued economic prospects and declining overall sales. In February 2019 – incidentally, after a prolonged phase of moderate growth – the sector focus on furniture reported on the “downward trend in the furniture market.” According to this report, the German furniture market recorded a decrease of 1.3 percent in 2018. Sales fell to 19.9 billion euros.A good year later the surprise came: 20.55 billion euros in sales in 2019, according to the home in March 2020, but in the same month the lockdown forced stationary trade to a standstill, while online sales skyrocketed.


We Moved! - Take a Look Behind our New Curtains!

Admittedly, the decision to move into new office space was a bit behind schedule: as part of our rebranding, we had expanded our expertise, completed our digital transformation and started to live our cultural change. The crowning glory of the transformation was recently confirmed by the German Design Council in Berlin when we were awarded with the German Brand Award as the winner in the category 'Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation'. “That is the confirmation: We have also completely convinced the demanding professional audience of our rebranding", says Julia Hammer, change agent and shareholder at enomyc.

Strategy & Corporate Performance

Service: How Organizational Anchoring Works

While the demand for garden furniture is rising, Lufthansa is waving the “homecoming guarantee” flag, clearly demonstrating that homogeneous customer needs can be identified and translated into intelligent and profitable services, especially in times of crisis.  Which service has inspired you most recently and why?  

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